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Israel on twitter
RT @jonsnowC4: After Israel bombs the UjN school despite being given it's co-ordinaries 17 times.. Will UK summon Israeli Ambassador? Don't…

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RT @sulsultm3: #Israel #ICC4Israel #uk #usa . .

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RT @piersmorgan: Israel's making a massive mistake with this monstrous child-slaughtering military strategy. Someone needs to rein @netanya…

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RT @Manicmo2013: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia please ask all world leaders involved in arming Israel to stop now. Please help Gaza #GazaUn…

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Photo: Instagram: @alfredoflores: That one time in Israel #tbt

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@israel_shield @gegco @KatzLara @Kamtona7 Good job! Well done my friend! Another one bites the dust! Go spend some time with your family!Luv

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