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Choral Music (Christmas) - SMITH, A. / VERDELOT, P. / WESLEY, S.S. / SCOTT, J. / MCGLYNN, M. / BENNETT, R.R. (Sing Thee Nowell) (N

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RT @jadande: J.R. Smith's reminding me of one of my favorite Michael Jordan quotes: "I had to tell Tex, 'Sorry about your triangle.'"

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#Tickets #NBA J.R. Smith : We can help you find seats for all New York Knicks games. #Best

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I've heard comparisons like Wesley Matthews or J. R. Smith... many more. At this point in his career, I'd take him over either.

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RT @NerdNumbers: Knicks had thirty assists in tonights wins, and leading the charge were J.R Smith and Melo??? Phil is a damned wizard.

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Bout to just draw some more tats on myself and say I'm j r smith

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