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@BrotherofYeezus @andrewrpowell uh oh ! Winston may turn out to be a Jamarcus Russell or a Brett Favre , however I'm picking Mariota

Twitter: @Godschild530

RT @NickMarshaII: Is that Jamarcus Russell?

Twitter: @c_mac56

@grizzlam @AyeBP kinda looks like him & seemed like an apt reply, don't see why. Not like I'm pointing out Jamarcus Russell stats

Twitter: @natediggy75

@maddogmurph55 @BIGBIRD265 @nfl @RAIDERS @Eagles lol I would rather have Jamarcus Russell

Twitter: @recruitngguru

@cummins_tommy Winston is nothing but trouble, see RG3, Akili Smith, and Raiders ultimate overall #1 bust Jamarcus Russell

Twitter: @frankpro

@Willmatic559 what about Jamarcus russell?

Twitter: @duddies

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