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RT @TheVanGorder: Jameis Winston, meet Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf and Terrell Pryor, your future.

Twitter: @JasonMBeckstrom

@AtomicMexican yea idk wtf happen we didn't even go 0-16 with Jamarcus Russell

Twitter: @knightmare312

I saw a recent pic of the raiders former #1 draft pick overall out of LSU: QB Jamarcus Russell. The guy is so overweight it's sad to see.

Twitter: @Vendo_Naranjas

@stephenasmith Is Jameis the new JaMarcus Russell...

Twitter: @AjSwaney

@espn that's alright they gonna draft Jameis Winston and he will be like Jamarcus Russell

Twitter: @PaulieW3

@MrUnprediKtable not even the worst 1st round pick for the Raiders, that'd be Jamarcus Russell.

Twitter: @ScottysCallinMe

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