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Al Davis didn't realize JaMarcus Russell would've balled in the past with his limited skills, but not in 2007 - present.

Twitter: @authenticduke

@ArturoNTorres but that's all I was trynna say. Like if Jamarcus Russell had become an elite qb and y'all had better drafts this last year..

Twitter: @Mohak_Kumar_

@_YoMek the curse of JaMarcus Russell

Twitter: @CuttyHolly

RT @plceron: Winston = Jamarcus Russell @SVPandRussillo

Twitter: @KtotheRaig

If Jamarcus Russell set us back three years, trading away so many picks for Carson Set us back 5.. That's on our idol Hue Jackson, peasants

Twitter: @teufelhunden44

Remember when Alex Smith was supposed to be JaMarcus Russell's other half?

Twitter: @TheRealOldPro

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