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Jack Crawford on twitter
Are you trying to alienate me from Jack Crawford?

Twitter: @Hannibal_kor

After watching all 8 of Dexter, Jack Crawford was unable to come to a conclusion as to the identity of the Bay Harbour Butcher.

Twitter: @Gobias___

Next time on Hannibal: Jack Crawford finds out he was the Chesapeke Ripper all along and stands in front of a mirror punching his own face.

Twitter: @Gobias___

"okay but jack crawford believes that a vegetarian who can barely walk without the assistance of a cane is a cannibalistic serial killer"

Twitter: @actualwitch

RT @inkyrius: next episode of hannibal: jack crawford arrests himself on suspicion of being the chesapeake ripper

Twitter: @BarbaraIsBored

RT @libervitae: Jack Crawford hero of Battle of Camperdown 1797 Holy Trinity Sunderland @SunderlandNow @TheCCT

Twitter: @CCT_Regen

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