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@Big_Ol_Beach him and mjd for jamaal Charles and rg3

Twitter: @thePGshow

Drafted Jamaal Charles at #1. Death threats from Eagles fans avoided.

Twitter: @BmoreDaveS

@jurgenhadley I'm debating him and Jamaal Charles.

Twitter: @BmoreDaveS

Looking for Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, or LeSean McCoy and Dez Bryant or Demariyus Thomas on PS4. Paying w/ PayPal. Hmu

Twitter: @ItsHigoby

@TheRealWMFC I have the first pick. Should I draft jamaal Charles or lesean Jackson?

Twitter: @SteveGarufi

@MatthewBerryTMR I have Jamaal Charles & Cordarrelle Patterson, who do I put in my flex position? As of now Charles @ RB & Patterson is flex

Twitter: @JoeAndrosky5

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