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Aliens, Terminators and Vietnam Vets: The Sequels of James Cameron

Twitter: @TeachFilm

♦ 137 ♦ James Magnussen #JamesMagnussen ♦ Commonwealth Games: James Magnussen makes 100m fre…

Twitter: @daniellemcxs

@YouGotGold answering the Bat phone: "there better be a scud missile heading towards L.A Eric" & trying to find James Cameron. Amazing.

Twitter: @jamieneill316

James mclachlan served me at the rugby sevens today at ibrox and said he knew me and started calling me Cameron haha!

Twitter: @MattDickson98

@EricVespe James Cameron is shitting himself looking at those special effects!!!

Twitter: @marywards

[The Age World] Golden focus steers Magnussen to win: James Magnussen has beaten Cameron McEvoy to win the 100...

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