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I'm like a young version of James Cameron

Twitter: @MigeySmalls

When he made TERMINATOR 2’s bad ‘bot an L.A. cop, James Cameron caught the zeitgeist in a bottle. For @thedissolve.

Twitter: @ctklimek

#avatar sucks. James Cameron should donate $$ from his profits to the Navajo cause he's making money off their dead ancestors story.

Twitter: @ShalanePauls

You know it's bad when even James Cameron is telling you the third reel is too long... via @guardian

Twitter: @DonnieMountjoy

James Cameron sold the rights to The Terminator for $1, with the condition that he (Cameron) would direct it.

Twitter: @googlezfacts

@cameron_annee such a great picture of Rick James

Twitter: @ricks_drivin