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Well lads I hope you are ready for a messy one, that's all I'm saying ✌️ @James_Benoy @TomBrown58

Twitter: @taylor_topham

@AshTordiffe @TheKariMatchett I'm with you, Ashleigh: give me "moonlight up in the trees/ and 68°…" <Fading Away - James Taylor> #covertcrew

Twitter: @ae4ca

i'm in the same city as james franco and taylor swift. that is all.

Twitter: @bridgetpitts13

#Green James M. Taylor; Senior Fellow, Environment Policy; The Heartland Institute:

Twitter: @TheClimateCult

I'm in love with Theo James, there i said it❤️ Oh, and young Aaron Taylor-Johnson❤️ Oh, and Alex Pettyfer❤️

Twitter: @fxckchelsey_

I'm listening to Night Train by Jason Aldean on Pandora #pandora

Twitter: @quintinsgurl