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When I'm older I'm going to get a cat named James Dean and a dog named Elizabeth Taylor

Twitter: @saIsparadise

RT @TSwiftDailyNews: “If Taylor doesn’t win then I’m pulling a Kanye and storming the stage.” - Greg James (BBC Radio 1) #BRITAwards http:/…

Twitter: @OneDftSwift

Ouvindo James Taylor - You've Got A Friend no @Kboing

Twitter: @andrade64490055

I'm listening to 'Walking Man' by 'James Taylor' on Greatest Hits

Twitter: @Mjudemaloney

james taylor:"listen horse-face, there's no way i'm singing "you've got a friend" for those iranian mullahs in a keffiyah."

Twitter: @victorsteve

@james_m_taylor how does that at all make me a big man?

Twitter: @Caseyking1995

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