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@bailee_jane @Jacobs_Logan10 #proudofyou! ❤️

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@SmallerCitiesU @alicewilder @cphblonde @druryjeff @reneehobbs @deborahgist Jane Jacobs and her view on cities & community.

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RT @Spacing: Our Jane Jacobs Prize winners, Sabina Ali & @GraemeJStewart, take the stage at the @Spacing launch w @bravotoronto…

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@crreesor @ScoutingFields @rene_devries >Better Jane Jacobs: "Sometimes new ideas require old buildings" #Stouffville

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The queen of urban studies Jane Jacobs on the porch of her home. (Photo by Jan Gehl, from: How to Study Public Life)

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@BoundlessPsych Absolutely! There's a lot that Edu and EdTech could learn from Jane Jacobs ideas on diversity -

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