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Vernon's Janet Armstrong and Lloyd Davies MAKE WATER WORK... and show the beauty of low-water landscaping!...

Twitter: @OkWaterWise

@janet_t_55 Good work, Cwm is full of exotic wildlife.

Twitter: @davies_richard

@davies_richard I'm guessing this...

Twitter: @janet_t_55

A$AP RT"@MutaitiNicholas: Twit pic 2 proove! " @brio_254 twitpic labda uko kwa < or = medium RT @Janet_cutiee : Atleast i have big boobs""

Twitter: @davies_ink

ABC 7's Janet Davies joins the celebrity judge list! palmerhouse @AftrSchoolMattrs #wizardofoz

Twitter: @And_Saenz

Grass allergies explained - Dr Janet Davies

Twitter: @GlutenFreeAdvic