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RT @biebershistory: Justin's always so happy when he's in Japan he really likes it there

Twitter: @jusbierauhling

RT @drewsquality: I'm really glad Justin is in Japan because I remember him saying it's one of the places he can go and walk around without…

Twitter: @ontarioslove

RT @kidrauhlsinner: Justin being in Japan is giving me major My World feels :::)(/(((/

Twitter: @chasingjbiebs

"Morino Shizuku Hotel", near from the Alpine Route, the most famous scenic route in Japan!

Twitter: @tateyamamori

RT @Yurisistables: D-7 before Japan Arena Tour start! Himnae SONE! (o^^o)

Twitter: @chaaim_no

RT @JBCrewdotcom: Justin has been so happy lately, and him being in Japan is going to make him even happier! He loves it there.

Twitter: @Belieber6436289