Topic: Jared Jeffries
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Jared Jeffries on twitter
Reminder: Jared Jeffries is an underutilized NBA tweet punchline.

Twitter: @rawkurface

Jared Jeffries is a tall sob! Love his show Modern Fishing on @outdchannel. What a nice guy and it was…

Twitter: @LoneStarOutdoor

Noah Vonleh the next Jared Jeffries? Lls or naw

Twitter: @Cool_LwAy

@robinlundberg Who was on the Wizards? Jared Jeffries?

Twitter: @boberto123

RT @WACarey11: I cringed when Jared Jeffries walked on the court but in his defense, he made Lebron work. If Wiz want to win, they need tha…

Twitter: @StunnaShowtime

@knickerbacker Jared Jeffries.

Twitter: @David_Salman

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