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RT @alex_arispe: HE HIT A RAMOS WTF

Twitter: @Jason_x33

my notifications on my other account are seriously flawless i have tweets/favs from jason, munk, wahlid, chris, hunny, john, & alex ramos 😊

Twitter: @1975mth

@Benjaminbillz_ awh thanks Ben you are so kind

Twitter: @jason__ramos

@jason__ramos your entire life is a lie

Twitter: @Benjaminbillz_

Loyalty is a lie

Twitter: @jason__ramos

RT @Nita_Ramos_: * @Sasha_Ramos_ attempt of trying to scare @joselynramos99 * "Be careful Jason's down there." "Omg Derulo?!" Stupid😂

Twitter: @joselynramos99

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