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The Jason Kidd effect. RT @brewhoop: You Milwaukee Bucks, ladies and gentlemen: Last season: 15-67 This season: 14-13 Bananas.

Twitter: @ShafiqueAli

Cousins at 80% beast mode. Glad he's back! When he's at full strength watch out. Still bad loss. Jason Kidd coy candidate has kids balling.

Twitter: @slaveofgovt

Jason Kidd really has done a nice job in Milwaukee. They were trash aficionados last year.

Twitter: @TjSoChildish

"@LeBrownJey: Imagine the championship run Jason Terry in place of Ellis... 😶" and rondo instead of kidd. Would b deadly still

Twitter: @iRollAlone

RT @Matt51282: @Bucks this team is so fun to watch... Jason Kidd has got these guys engaged... #BucksNation

Twitter: @WiscoNation1

I still have him in a lower range, but where do you have Jason Kidd on your COY list?

Twitter: @ericbuenning

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