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Jean Kerr~ Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isnt permanent.

Twitter: @jeffrey_mitch

@RichHomieeJon @jeffrey_a5 @Anderson_Kerr @S_E_2 @AndrewKoopman11 @jdisonit no I can't this weekend I'm at the lake

Twitter: @not__rob

@RichHomieeJon @jeffrey_a5 @Anderson_Kerr @not__rob @AndrewKoopman11 @jdisonit I'm down

Twitter: @Young_CombOver

@jeffrey_a5 @Anderson_Kerr @S_E_2 @not__rob @AndrewKoopman11 @jdisonit I vote this Saturday afternoon

Twitter: @comb_over_here

@RichHomieeJon @jeffrey_a5 @Anderson_Kerr @not__rob @AndrewKoopman11 @jdisonit when?

Twitter: @Young_CombOver

@jeffrey_a5 @Anderson_Kerr @S_E_2 @not__rob @AndrewKoopman11 @jdisonit we should have a practice

Twitter: @comb_over_here

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