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Jerry Brown Trails with Whites... Huge Lead with Latinos #tcot

Twitter: @JustBeFreeNow14

RT @MikeRamirezUFCW: Jerry Brown signs law guaranteeing paid sick days to millions of California workers, http://t,co/

Twitter: @beximybeqyx

@Pol0tix @presbo Jerry Brown has sold out to the illegals! He's not even as 'good' as he was in his FIRST term! And he was BAD then!

Twitter: @IAMPCBob

RT @usa_truth: @CommentsOnNati1 @Mike_USPatriot no surprise if Jerry Brown just gave CA to Mexico as Reparations.

Twitter: @Conservamator

RT @PostReid: Money Jerry Brown is spending on ballot initiative ads: $3.3m. Money he's spending on ads for his own campaign: $0. http://t.…

Twitter: @KatherineRizzo

RT @Pol0tix: Jerry Brown Trailing with White Voters... Massive lead among Latinos...

Twitter: @IAMPCBob