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Jesse Jackson on twitter
Azalea Banks, Charles Barkley, Lupe Fiasco, Al Sharpton, & Jesse Jackson 100% hypocrites 100% coons 100% disgusting human beings

Twitter: @AgapeoMalecela

Jesse Jackson Issues Statement to People Calling Him a “Race Baiter”

Twitter: @Vote_4America

@deme138 @Po_st Jesse Jackson must be angry he's taking his place as extortionist with his coalition that they all paid bribes to...

Twitter: @LeMarquand

"It would bu unfair to reduce hip-hop to three words."m Jesse Jackson

Twitter: @phdjadearenas

South Park has two masterpiece episodes the "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson" and "Butter's Bottom Bitch" were hilarious

Twitter: @Chief_Sherrick

@TooMarvelously I completely agree. Him and Jesse Jackson have made a very comfortable living by doing this.

Twitter: @Moundman