Topic: Jesus Christ
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Jesus Christ on twitter
RT @faithmarco: Jesus Christ isn't a small part of my life, He is my Life. πŸ’•

Twitter: @CJSVREAL

RT @NTL2012: Jesus Christ is the one & only begotten Son of God.

Twitter: @lyndaflood

Holy Jesus Christ! this is a biiiig tuuune!!! :D Vallew - Vaillance by Vallew on #SoundCloud

Twitter: @Red9Cheeks

RT @BillyGraham: Today's prayer: Almighty God, You have given me real life through Jesus Christ. My soul praises You.

Twitter: @DoctorCara

RT @AndrewDrapers: Everything I get to be and everything I get to do has come by the grace of Jesus Christ.

Twitter: @hikerblake

A blessed life with Jesus Christ i dont need a thing i am blessed with all i ve been through with all…

Twitter: @MARooNVictor