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Jesus Christ on twitter
"Youth are not the future of the Church. Jesus Christ is the future of the Church--so stop saying that" #welcatg @ELCABishopEaton

Twitter: @heidi_johnson

CONSPIRACY? I know this; there is a conspiracy to deceive the Church of Jesus Christ & satan is behind it. It's a SPIRITUAL battle Eph 6:12

Twitter: @BroLes3

Wait just a fucking minute. Who deemed talking about your baby mother's abortion on Facebook okay????? Jesus H. Christ

Twitter: @emilymonroe_

1. Thank God our plane didn't crash 2. Mamma mia the bay of Naples is WONDERFUL like srsly jesus christ what a view

Twitter: @Coeurli

i would like to thank my lord and savior jesus christ for marching season in less then a week

Twitter: @notevenjoy

RT @TaffiDollar: Forgiven Friday! Thank God 4 His grace! Declare, “I'm forgiven, I am a new creation in Christ Jesus!” (2 Cor 5:17) #Declar…

Twitter: @accordingcarla