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Jim Plunkett on twitter
Shooting Jim Plunkett #nflnetwork #jimplunkett #setlife #squaready #convergentdesign #odyssey7q

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@NL_Sports He will be my backup. Either him or Jim Plunkett.

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@Jmonk05 @WhiteWomanLova jim plunkett won 2 superbowls and a superbowl mvp but has not been inducted to the HOF

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@Deadspin Now, what about the guy who asked Jim Plunkett if it was dead mother, blind father or the other way around ...

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“@671mac: @fuggenduffy @Patriots oh how I hate the pats!!!! #tuckrule” Ya back when they were underdog s! Jim Plunkett used to thro ints 👍!

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Derek Carr, probable Oakland Raiders savior/Jim Plunkett facsimile.

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