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@SoaRRefuze @ObeyScarce Ps3 should seperate. but equal - Jim Crow Laws 1896

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Art Facto Jim Crow If you're lucky enough to earn a living from your art, you're probably white

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@bigblueonyou @BulletsAndBBQ @Todd__Kincannon not true but hey, I'll take equal rights over polio, bad education, and jim crow

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@tris5424 America was built on slavery. 60% of American history was tainted with slavery, and Jim Crow ended only slightly over 40 yrs ago.

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@matthewstoller If you're actually trying to say that supporting those two bills makes up for supporting Jim Crow I have no words.

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Civil rights legend Eldrewey Stearns and attorney Melisa Meyler at The Strange Demise of Jim Crow

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