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jimmer fredette on twitter
I remember when Sactown drafted Jimmer Fredette over Damian Lillard... FML

Twitter: @Taylorisntgreen

@seanpnico I used to like BYU (because they got all white boys lol) A lot when they had Jimmer Fredette.

Twitter: @Simbad_Reb

Every Utahan needs to be a Damian Lillard fan. Jimmer Fredette has done nothing in the NBA

Twitter: @AustinHeyyfen

It's Friday night at 9:30 and I'm eating frozen yogurt and watching a Jimmer Fredette highlight video from his BYU days.

Twitter: @Johnson_Sean

Ok so @Co_Waldo2 is nailing jimmer fredette shots right now hahahha

Twitter: @kvltclassic

RT @glensfallsse: Queensbury grad Brendan Agans caught up with Jimmer Fredette in Houston:

Twitter: @BrendanAgans