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Alright. Special thanks to these beautiful influential artists: keith moon, shannon hoon, angus & mal young, alanis, joe walsh, layne staley

Twitter: @Bone_Fiish

Opened the fridge & screamed louder than Joe Staley in STL thinking I saw a bug and it was one of the boy's toys LOL This is the life I live

Twitter: @BeeJayCee02

RT @49ers: #49ers T @jstaley74 battled in the trenches against Terrell Suggs during #HarbCamp. READ:…

Twitter: @ArloTan

Yup RT @mvmorales: @Ruthless_Sports Jimmy Raye = Filbert, Heffer = Joe Staley?

Twitter: @Ruthless_Sports

@Ruthless_Sports Jimmy Raye = Filbert, Heffer = Joe Staley? (big friend?), Pork Chop = Gore???

Twitter: @mvmorales

RT @AlaskanBronco: So Joe Staley is widely considered the top LT in the NFL....I just watched Wolfe and Jackson destroy him. Wolfe on a run…

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