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John Travolta in Carrie I can't even.

Twitter: @lauren_smith_17

Comment on Brittany Maynard: Why The Terminally Ill Newlywed May Not End Her Life by John Smith... ff@bobbypindas


@John_Smith_V @GogiGogi12 US sovereignty was destroyed in 1913 w/the Federal reserve act. !963 was an important turning point of remainder.

Twitter: @1shooflys

Children re-enact famous coaching rants #collegefootball

Twitter: @collegefoot_age

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews John DeCamp

Twitter: @crookedgop

RT @MardiHolland: @ajamazing Why is the SLPWA begging for food/cash donations for PO who have made more money in OT than ever b4 in their L…

Twitter: @john_l_smith___

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