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One of so many good songs I heard this year. #IWantToLoveYou by @lenachkamusic 💜

Twitter: @John_Villalobos

RT @Lakeco_infamous: Questions are a trap and answers are a burden. I heard that once and no I'm not in pants. Blue long John's are da best…

Twitter: @Lakeridgecon

Have you heard ‘Cyanide Sentence (Prod. by John Robinson)’ by @ELOHKUSH on #SoundCloud?

Twitter: @ELOHKUSH

Me: What Christmas movie should we watch? John: Sam Houston vs. North Dakota State Me: Never heard of it! #FCSfootball #datenight #myguy

Twitter: @GrammyCEO

@BritishWarlock » keys hitting the end of the pockets is heard while Jim walks to the opposite direction of John] Good luck in your »

Twitter: @TheSaintJimbo

Just heard my dad coming in the door and my mam saying to him "John your out of your fucking napper"right job

Twitter: @AoifeHoare