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“@SCMP_News: North Korea calls John Kerry 'a wolf with a hideous lantern jaw'”. Bit harsh on wolves ...

Twitter: @SteveBrooking

North Korea Insults John Kerry Over His Looks - ABC News #northkorea #dprk

Twitter: @140DPRK

The president and Secretary of State John Kerry say there are serious questions about whether Assad is still using...

Twitter: @spanishlearns

Koreatown North Korea flings insults at US, calling John Kerry a ‘wild dog with a hideous lantern jaw’

Twitter: @KoreatownBar

North Korea says US Secretary of State John Kerry is a wild dog with a 'hideous lantern jaw' #breakingnews

Twitter: @breakingnews70

RT @AsCorrespondent: After calling Obama a 'monkey' & Park Geun-hye a 'prostitute', #NKorea now targets John Kerry's 'hideous lantern jaw' …

Twitter: @bellaella7