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"He feared Man so little, because he feared God so much" -John Laird Mair

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RT @BBCBreaking: New Zealand Prime Minister John Key wins third term in office as rival Labour Party concedes

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@atunley @AstroBunchies @breacher18 @r_u_d_d_a @MyLuLei @FetchingBadger @Vobeskhan @john_laird @Apostlegillus @thefirstautarch no worries!

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@John_Petrie Evidently Laird David Cameron so busy with his botox injections, generally getting ponced up, has forgotten about 2015. TORIES

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#Scotland 1513: John Muirhead, Laird of Muirhead Clan+200 Clansmen were beheaded by the Scots for aligning w British King James IV @ Flodden

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“The storytelling is right up there with many of my current favorites: Laird Barron, Caitlin Kiernan, John Langan."

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