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How awesome is this? My pal John Laird was interviewed by BooksterTV! Give it a peek and if you haven't already...

Twitter: @WhoIs_Susan

RT @christianpiatt: We bicker about Obama's Executive authority while more than one person an hour has died due to narco-violence in Mexico…

Twitter: @john_laird

RT @FrankAFord: @colberg97 @GreatRedoubt @Hitting_On_3s @CBMcGames @john_laird @Welford7 @Lady_Malys @MyLuLei @sallycat_33 @LilThunderLiz c…

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@colberg97 @GreatRedoubt @Hitting_On_3s @CBMcGames @john_laird @Welford7 @Lady_Malys @MyLuLei @sallycat_33 @LilThunderLiz cheers mate!

Twitter: @FrankAFord

RT @colberg97: #ff @GreatRedoubt @Hitting_On_3s @CBMcGames @john_laird @Welford7 @FrankAFord @Lady_Malys @MyLuLei @sallycat_33 @LilThunderL…

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Apparently, @john_laird is still alive ;) #TIL How's life treating you?

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