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John Shirey on twitter
RT @2ClassyLiving: "A ship in a harbor is safe.. But that is not what ships are built for" -John A. Shedd

Twitter: @hannah_shirey

Taylor John Williams (team gwen) or DaNica Shirey (team pharrell) to win the voice this season tbh

Twitter: @ShaynaJay_

Also rooting for Damien , DaNica Shirey and Taylor John Williams to make the top 10

Twitter: @POETRYMAN777

@suggauer19018 @JessiePitts724 also vote for Taylor John Williams,Danica Shirey,Sugar Joans,Reagan James,Matt McAndrew... #thevoice

Twitter: @njpc93

so my top 5 right now (in no order) are: taylor john williams DaNica shirey matt mcandrew luke wade raegan james

Twitter: @dounokenzie