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#starbucks #nocoffee #namnationals15 are they crazy here at the airport @ John Wayne Airport, Orangeā€¦

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Just realized that many people don't know who Gabby Hayes was! Western film sidekick of Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, John Wayne, etc.

Twitter: @gar_brad

@Mike_USPatriot @CapitalismLover Wow so they think we're cattle .Well John Wayne is going to Hurd those steers out of our country

Twitter: @jerrysremodeli1

RT @ClassicMovieHub: Yakima Canutt doubles for John Wayne in Stagecoach...

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I liked a @YouTube video from @kinggeezyrapper KING GEEZY - JOHN (Lil Wayne remix)

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RT @DesertChica: Channel Your Inner John Wayne with a visit to Big Bend National Park via @travelingmoms #TMOM

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