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Johnny Crawford on twitter
@JonnyMcGarrigle I'll take a rad new next-gen feature over 'Johnny is now online' ANY day. Media playback would be nice though.

Twitter: @Crawford_J

Sweepin' the Clouds Away with Johnny Crawford this Monday. #morningmusic

Twitter: @dtpegasus

RT @ScreenSaversID: Dan cover @EW keempat dan terakhir, Johnny Depp & Lilla Crawford sebagai The Wolf & Red Riding Hood. #IntoTheWoods http…

Twitter: @riyanhermawan2

Mike Moustakas with no class during his interview. Also says that Dyson made a good play on the ball Crawford hit to center.

Twitter: @johnny_nunes11

@paranoiaaffair i've also seen him defending crawford from the haters more than once JOHNNY ODUYA NO.1 GOALIE DEFENDER

Twitter: @highsticked

RT @Joke_Jaith: นักแสดงจากหนัง Into the Woods ขึ้นปก EW : Johnny Depp & Lilla Crawford และ Meryl Streep & Mackenzie Mauzy…

Twitter: @QueridoDepp

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