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RT @_ErnestAJr_: “@ksel_istheQueen: He put me in my place today 😏” yuh Raymond

Twitter: @Jonathan_ToBurr

Night Moves (2013) - a review and interview by @magpiekilljoy #anarchistvoices

Twitter: @AnarchistAgency

@ZabalaCharlie @joseaortiz97 @Ray_killz @mr_ordaz55 @aragon_crystal wtf was that wit raymond

Twitter: @jonathan_754

@ZabalaCharlie @jonathan_754 @Ray_killz @mr_ordaz55 @aragon_crystal go dm raymond 😔

Twitter: @joseaortiz97

RT @emyth: Close the gap between who you are out in the world and who you are in your heart. #freeEbook @jonathanra…

Twitter: @Thornbusch

RT @jackjoh01219520: In his anger, Cameron has made Britain a toxic brand | Jonathan Freedland via @guardian Camerco…

Twitter: @raymond_sparkes

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