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@DonGeronimoShow @thakingAlex @KristinasCall yo peemp, u want a job at KHTK. I think you'd fit right in, we could use a tha king round here

Twitter: @keithbrooks1I40

RT @KeithJouganatos: Stay Classy "@KHTK1140Callers @KeithJouganatos Now go back to reporting HS Football, loser. Keep KHTK out your mouth…

Twitter: @SACKingsJesus

RT @KeithJouganatos: @KHTK1140Callers Ok, then lets do a little comparison. Just so we can match up resumes. I mean if you're a KHTK employ…

Twitter: @SACKingsJesus

yes bitch wwwwwwww

Twitter: @khtk_312

@DonGeronimoShow @KristinasCall Say goodbye to my subscription, ass kisser! KHTK doesn't want you back, now you lost me for kissing ass!!

Twitter: @thakingAlex

@CarmichaelDave okay good. I didn't think so. Someone's impersonating a KHTK employee making harassing remarks to my friend @KeithJouganatos

Twitter: @HoopsAddict916