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I liked a @YouTube video from @pink_stylist Kratos - God of War - Makeup Tutorial!

Twitter: @ozzy821

It's another edition of AROUND THE NFL on The @DeuceMason & @JasonRoss1140 Show! HERE:

Twitter: @KHTKSports1140

AHH Yes, its time for you to submit some of your HIGHS&LOWS of the weekend on The @DeuceMason & @JasonRoss1140 Show!

Twitter: @KHTKSports1140

@thaKingAlex @DeuceMason No disrespect, but if we're gonna bash shows on KHTK, this might be the LAST one to bash. Others more deserving.

Twitter: @Squid7251G

@DeuceMason I would say it to your face. Plus everyone knows that big KHTK sign inside Sleep Train Arena slants your opinion on the Kings

Twitter: @thaKingAlex

@thaKingAlex @DeuceMason Beside Khtk how much sports radio do you listen to Alex ?

Twitter: @TheBrakeDown