Topic: Kassim Osgood
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Kassim Osgood on twitter
Yu had Kassim Osgood WIDE TF OPEN in front of yu but yu wanna throw it into triple coverage.. FUCKIN TRASH @BlaineGabbert

Twitter: @taimani650

Gabbert to Kassim Osgood for a first down...stop me if you never heard this in Jacksonville.

Twitter: @JPQ904

Tony Carter gets illegal contact call against Kassim Osgood.

Twitter: @MikeKlis

I'd hate to be the guy who's awesome at special teams and never plays ala Kassim Osgood. #NFL

Twitter: @iNdigo_iNtent

Got a picture with Kassim Osgood! Saw Jum Harbaugh, Frank Gore #TheTruth and Kaepernick all in oneā€¦

Twitter: @TheMadiWebber

View from our seats at tomorrow's game. Thanks Kassim Osgood.

Twitter: @BobDonnell