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@coach_kain dude kassim osgood was my favorite charger for a loooong time

Twitter: @mmccormick5

So I met Kassim osgood today. I don't even know who he was bc I don't watch football

Twitter: @NickRaczko

We had an awesome time last night shooting with one of NFL's Greatest Special Teamers Kassim Osgood @kassimosgood81


RT @jeankinnashen: Kassim Osgood back home. Class of 1998!

Twitter: @NSHSVikings55

RT @dannysayswoof: Kassim Osgood made an appearance at the game but was overshadowed by the appearance of Nick Perez and Isaiah Camel.

Twitter: @Nico_Saur831

Kassim Osgood!

Twitter: @bgod_alexis