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Keith Smart on twitter
“@Keith_flyWright: It's time for to make a change in my life and start a new beginning” yhu go Keif make smart decisions!!!!!!

Twitter: @_kerilane

@Keith_Laws @johnthejack @mark_bolstridge @SameiHuda But the man is gentle & smart raised by a nice educated family.

Twitter: @DrFulli

Keith just tried to make himself look smart, by telling me that he took Trig in high school, which is "higher than calculus" 😂😂✋No.

Twitter: @zrobertson93

@KeithRobertson Exactly my thoughts Keith! And 'conquering Mount Snowdon' is a whole other level of irritation!!

Twitter: @Smart_Climbing

If Keith was smart he would play his idol. #Survivor

Twitter: @Branchaleenie

How to Succeed with SMART Goals - (via @workawesome)

Twitter: @Keith_Lauby

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