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Honestly, Sally Jewell is as worthless as Ken Salazar was, with that being said we can only hope she will stand...

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@MarkUdall2014 Why is there a pic of Ken Salazar and not Mark Udall?

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Judge Ken Molberg presided over Salazar vs. Boston Scientific, Corp. in the two-week trial in Texas’ 95th Judicial District Court.

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@ponorit 2b completed next year, is an attempt 2 honor former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s promise 2 years ago to maintain the ranching

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How did a no ken pixie lott was dain the dancing. Manny man

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Was hoping new czar would be former Sec of Interior Ken Salazar & that he'd trash autos w/ Shakespeare - "Bard mars cars with Csar Salazar!"

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