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RT @VictoriaJustice: Hey guys! :) Plz support my friend Kendall Schmidt @HeffronDrive & get his NEW song on iTunes!…

Twitter: @LizzethLloyd

Kendall looks really young in the pic he took with kevin :(( ❤️

Twitter: @Prince_Maslow

RT @hawaiinshirts: Whenever it's Gage's birthday he acts like an emo kid on MySpace

Twitter: @Lauren_Kendall_

I'm pretty sure corona is just bottled piss.

Twitter: @Kendall_Helton

@kendalljadeross look kendall it was an honest mistake

Twitter: @rnomij

RT @queen_uppereast: Selena Gomez is with Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Coachella🙉 Talk about perfection all around

Twitter: @MaiteJaimeBvo