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Kentucky Derby on twitter
DEEDS-Amiel inserted a tribute to his father, whose horse won the Kentucky Derby! #romance RT

Twitter: @BookChoices

Challenger Hits McConnell in Kentucky Derby Trash Talk

Twitter: @qsxhbb6xsx6

Road to the 2015 #kentuckyderby Races announced. Sure bet #14Hands is there! And in the Winners Circle.

Twitter: @sportsuncorked

You Mike Catch Tiger Woods Trynna Hit A Birdie In My Closet, Polo Lookin' Like I Got Kentucky Derby's In My Closet.

Twitter: @NathanGolfWang

1979 Preakness$2win ticket+prog. Also won Kentucky Derby but not Belmont Stakes

Twitter: @GOShoppingDaily

Day 41: Girls' Night In. Home-cooked meal, fancy Kentucky Derby wine glasses, and quality time with @courtney_rr!...

Twitter: @vineexp