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RT @BGPolitics: Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, pro-McConnell PAC, has $6.8 million, 98% of it from wealthy donors ... outside Kentucky.…

Twitter: @earlamcduck

"@Mondoexcellante @kin2souls @TwitchyTeam" they've been admitting it with WEEKLY if not DAILY changes ..feel safe??

Twitter: @Cheri_Kentucky

@MattWeems @TNeazzy I was sticking to ACC but yes screw Kentucky fans lol

Twitter: @jpainter24

RT @msstate: “I am not in danger. I AM the danger." #STATEPROUD

Twitter: @EmilyNick_

RT @LEX18News: Fun Fact: Kentucky Ranks 7 On List Of States With Most Immature Men |

Twitter: @tiatanyell

Haven't the two Kentucky DE's at all this season. And no, the low sack totals don't influence me

Twitter: @yssd