Topic: Kevin Martin
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Kevin Martin on twitter
wonder what it would be like to ever meet kevin martin... or ben burnley, or steven tyler, heck, i'd love to have a convo w nikki sixx..

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#FF for @TheLastShipTNT: @Kevin_M_Martin @ImGraceKaufman @ericdane @tinalorenn @BibiUrquhart @ChasParnell @USFLEETFORCES

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Prime??? IMO 1) Eddie 2) Richard 3) Martin RT "@KcChopz: In their prime 1.Katt Williams 2.Dave Chapelle 3.Kevin Hart Thats me tho."

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RT @TheBK_Kid: Cavs get: Kevin Love, Nerlens Noel Sixers get: Waiters, Martin, picks Wolves get: Thad, AB, Wiggins, picks 💯

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Martin Lawrence Or Kevin Hart ?

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Kevin just told me that Zach Efron isn't hot. Bms! 😒 @Suckmy_J0hnson @CharlezClarkley

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