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#svlglunch Kevin McCarty - We can do the big items, but we have to think that way

Twitter: @matthewtdean

"Kevin McCarty said no when others said yes & got it right" well if you say "no" to EVERYTHING you might be right once

Twitter: @allbenjamens

RT @RTGIFS: Kevin Love hitting 3s blindfolded

Twitter: @bryce_mccarty

When you see Kevin McCarty, congratulate him on his new 2014 FXDL Dyna Low Rider in Silver & Black. Will we see...

Twitter: @WoodstockHarley

Matt Robert Christa McCarty Edwards

Twitter: @Lyrics_By_Kevin

McCarty to Kevin Lenart complete but well short of chains. 4th and 18, Diedrichsen out to punt. Profs delay of game backs punt at 35.

Twitter: @Vince_DeBlasio

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