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Kofi Annan on twitter
When the world is changing, you can't have static institutions. ~ Kofi Annan.

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"The happiness of any society begins with the well-being of the families that live in it." –Kofi Annan #HappyDay

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RT @liXaidi: Kofi Annan (former secretary general of the United Nations) quotes #ImamAli's letter from Nahjul Balagha.…

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RT @Bijan77: Missed Kofi Annan's "The New World Disorder" speech in New York last night? Here is the full text: #FPA…

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The Lord had the wonderful advantage of being able to work alone. KOFI ANNAN.

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RT @Bijan77: Kofi Annan will speak to @richardquest on #Ebola & on the lessons the world needs to draw post-Ebola: This monday on Quest mea…

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