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😈😈 hello mr. luke hemmings i love you a l o t • please make me happy and follow me? • i hope you have an amazing night. • @Luke5SOS 😈😈52

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I have soo many pictures and memories when I use to live in L.A And the parties were always crazy and they still are!

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RT @BucketsBEZ: L.A.D 😂😂 Deven Jackson

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Coexistence groups and tourism #Israel #zionism #BDS is not a path to peace

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# F O L L O W B A C K S E G U R O # R E T W E E T # S I G U E M E Y T E S I G O # G A N A S E G U I D O R E S # F O L L O W M E A N D Y O U

Twitter: @Followevriwe I just want a cute playful relationship :/ but I keep getting screwed over :/ #single #l...

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