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I admire how strong labor unions are in France. 250 thousand Employees can now ignore their bosses' emails and calls after working hours.

Twitter: @ssaadani

#unions Pat Maloney, organized labor true believer, driven by Boeing dispute to run ... - The Oregonian

Twitter: @UnionWebs

sad a labor unions bellyaching can wipe out Twinkies, Snowballs and Wonder Bread now strikers have no job so whats the point

Twitter: @NilanjansytSarc

Professor Hirsch is quoted by @theDailyBeast about President Obama's relationship with labor unions.

Twitter: @unc_law

Businesses opposed to minimum wage hike won’t speak out for fear of picketing by labor unions: @seattlebusiness

Twitter: @MaxfordNelsen

Opinion writers Josh Gachette and Joey Brown debate the relevance of unions today #ccta #labor #Sodexo @CynicVideo

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