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@DrunkyStory must be from Lake elsinore

Twitter: @britt126taylor

Yessh! Gonna go see houses in Lake Elsinore this sunday :D #muchanticipated

Twitter: @b35tswez

@yagirlvaaal it a Mexican market LOl but it Cardenas the on by Walmart in lake Elsinore 😂💭💰

Twitter: @bryanolvera1996

@gabeblackbeltv2 the closest and cheapest one I found was at lake Elsinore for like $300

Twitter: @mollay14

I really don't want to go back to lake Elsinore.

Twitter: @itss_vanessaaa

@KezSoYellow this Mexican market in lake Elsinore by the walmart fixing the carts and stuff it's call Cardenas 😂

Twitter: @bryanolvera1996