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Lance Armstrong on twitter
We have two options, medically & emotionally: give up, or fight Like Hell.-Lance Armstrong #listen #success

Twitter: @gileslewisuk

I went around the block with my bike for the first time in years and now I understand why Lance Armstrong took performance enhancing drugs.

Twitter: @trumpchirp

Aaawwww I'm so fucked up!!! At least I'm not Lance Armstrong...... High five! #MyNewAnswerForEverything

Twitter: @Foodwick

Lance Armstrong Serenades Oprah with a 90 #business,

Twitter: @rayfilwong

High time Lance Armstrong realised that only humility earns redemption

Twitter: @burls40_

Kendyl just asked if lance Armstrong discovered America brb I quit I didn't sign up for this

Twitter: @maevebellll