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Larry Ellison on twitter
At this years New Economy Summit, Larry Ellison gave a keynote speech on privacy issues in the era of the...

Twitter: @ibizSoft

Great article on #SFDC CEO Marc @Benioff as polar opposite to his fmr. mentor Larry Ellison's polar opposite.

Twitter: @GeorgiaSpartan

So, going by the old “What’s the difference between God and Larry Ellison” joke, does that make him the Kanye West of Silicon Valley? #jeezy

Twitter: @AdmiralA

RT @CiaranJMcD: Larry Ellison (rumoured to be in the #AVFC takeover) has a net worth of $49 billion Lerner - $1.5 bn Abramovich - $9 bn …

Twitter: @JoshuaMoore95

The only people who should care about what Larry Ellison makes are Oracle shareholders. Evidently, they don't. If th…

Twitter: @HILawyer

RT @Oracle: .@bobevansIT talks to The @guardian about meaningful content, and why Larry Ellison is a worldclass storyteller…

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