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#الأقصى_في_خطر is Trending now in Lebanon via @25trends

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#Army chief inspects army checkpoints in #Tripoli and #Akkar | | #Lebanon #LAF

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RT @Gust46: The cedar tree usually refers to the nation of Lebanon (1 Kings 4:33) andThe fig tree speaks of Israel (Joel 1:7; Hosea 9:10; M…

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RT @KarlreMarks: The little differences between countries, UK: 'Don't forget the war, remember the war, we must commemorate the war'. Leban…

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@KarlreMarks but Lebanese film industry: let's make every single movie about the civil war coz that's the most interesting thing bat lebanon

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RT @dujanaaljanabi: #Lebanon | What did this 6 year old (Abd al-Rahman) do to get intentionally shot by Lebanese army Bab al-Tabbaneh? http…

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