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if fizzy orange juice is orangeade why is still lemonade called that and not lemon juice???

Twitter: @frazzleds

If you mix a drop of lemon juice with 129,000 drops of water, your tongue will still be able to detect the taste of lemon.

Twitter: @scienccce

@ianmhrding Then if that doesnt work eat half a lemon, and if that doesn't work drink orange juice.

Twitter: @EzrianFitz

Water w/ lemon juice 😍😋

Twitter: @QueenRiss_

Whiskey Sour 2oz bourbon 1oz FS lemon juice 1/2oz simple syrup Build in shaker of ice shake until well…

Twitter: @WAPABD

Strawberry orange banana lemon raspberry juice. Yum

Twitter: @IFeelGoodHH