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As a child I would write messages with lemon juice & a toothpick and force my friends to hold a match under the paper to read them #science

Twitter: @sophiaaa203

RT @aaronscroissant: @askingurself I want to drag you across a field of cacti and then pour lemon juice on you :))))) @buzzedbiebs

Twitter: @buzzedbiebs

@tailopez avocado, almond milk, cinnamon, lemon juice, kale, mint

Twitter: @Sue__Robb

Can't Beat A Tasty nutribulletuk Protein Shake.... Ingredients: Almond Milk, Lemon Juice,…

Twitter: @cleanlifestyle_

RT @caslyn18: @skyuirrel - it's lemon juice and sugar powder stuff, what's it called?? Me - you mean powdered sugar...?

Twitter: @skyuirrel

Lemon juice is perfectly paired with like....everything

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