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RT @VikingSpeed: We're kissing, I listen, you're telling me your favorite position. When really all I want to hear is that you're loyal and…

Twitter: @lani_stewart

RT @RimJobJim_: That's one of my favorite things to do honestly. Like just go chill on the balcony by myself and listen to music when I'm a…

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RT @KLSouth: Dear Liberal Blacks.. Listen to Bill.

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RT @writersdream: When a person can crawl into your soul,listen to your darkest moments& still love you. That's a special person you've got…

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RT @ArianaOfficial: You can listen to #MyEverything on @Spotify!

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@Dudetheiguana to listen to google

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Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers
Bobby Lynn Maslen, $8.93
Laurie Halse Anderson, $3.75