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Los Banos Fire Dept they know the panel is bad. the electricity blew here 2 times 2day and 4 times yesterday. i want it 2 burn. old wires.

Twitter: @Violettstar

@aGibb_ have you considered here > #LP Destination Ed @kate_ann_morgan just got back and may have some tips, also.

Twitter: @lonelyplanet

Los Banos Fire Dept. 2509 E pacheco blvd. he needs 2 replace the panel and some of the wiring that is 50+ yrs old. let it burn let it burn

Twitter: @Violettstar

@iamtheELEPHANTE I was drunk on food and didn't mean too. Does it count if I was en los banos?

Twitter: @lizgarard

o my god.. I want 2509 E pacheco blvd in Los Banos 2 burn please God let it burn just let it burn i want away from the ?? from East India.

Twitter: @Violettstar

3 Out Of 4 Los Banos Niggas Got Me Fvccd Up.. !

Twitter: @GoldenSamoan_