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Magic Johnson on twitter
Meanwhile magic Johnson son is a atl housewife.

Twitter: @HiDonnie

RT @CurlyJudy: 😩😩😩😂😂😂RT @Geechie_Ferelli: The man beat HIV and gotta deal with THIS!?!?? Damn Magic Johnson can't catch a break…

Twitter: @Cocoa_Shawty

RT @basedniggers: Magic Johnson son look like the fish that kept hiding spongebob pickles under his tongue

Twitter: @TheresaMG97

"@MrElegance_: whoa whoa whoa, what in the name of magic johnson" let me get a mouthful bruh

Twitter: @kennyhandy

Earvin "Magic" "H.W." "Wilkes" "The Rock" "Balloon Hands" Johnson

Twitter: @PyroTheFox

RT @Big_B_23: “@RealRaymondJ: Magic Johnson's son gotta chill.. 😴” This wasn't worth getting aids

Twitter: @thebritishdaze