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@teamziller I thought that was all Maloofs? They watched Jimmer play in mountain west against UNLV

Twitter: @DougESPN

@JillAdge it's true. Maloofs could have drafted Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, or Damian Lillard.

Twitter: @brianMkearns

Wow never thought I'd hear Kings fans talk positive about the Maloofs again...geeze. They are part of the reason our talent is what it is.

Twitter: @JillAdge

@Drhilljr @CarmichaelDave frustrating with maloofs killed r future with drafting Jimmer n Pete taking nick trolling at the bottom

Twitter: @CheetahBrian

RT @NorCalAlex: @csolis28 @jimteach30 when the Maloofs were actually trying to win they were a lot better at it than Vivek seems to be. Not…

Twitter: @Kingsfan006

RT @NorCalAlex: @csolis28 @jimteach30 hater, and I HATE the Maloofs, but they made good bball decisions until they became cheap asses and t…

Twitter: @Kingsfan006