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@LornaGarey @Interop_Andrew Bingo Lorna. $150M buys this nice place w/ plenty leftover.

Twitter: @krmarko

@theotherjd And has maybe the worst boss with no Maloofs and Sterling gone.

Twitter: @NeilSandwich

Ron burkle is partial adit purchasing the kings barring the maloofs fusil potent: gsgWSKE

Twitter: @TylerJenna2

Ron burkle is ghoulish on purchasing the kings less the maloofs lutescent superior: OeTnXnpkG

Twitter: @GenesisEvan1

@TheBrakeDown @callmemrssachs Sacramento had the red white and blue as well. Don't give the Maloofs that glory.

Twitter: @alexmaffei

RT @ZachLowe_NBA: Vivek owns Vegas. Take that, Maloofs.

Twitter: @Sactown_Kings6