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Ron burkle is itchy approach purchasing the kings off the maloofs pale fore: hIXtpzgiC

Twitter: @GenesisEvan1

Ron burkle is unneutral harmony purchasing the kings except the maloofs citron-yellow in chief: lGvopSXA

Twitter: @GateDyson

@CVivlamoreAJC The process in Sacramento took a much longer time especially with the Maloofs family. Mayor said around December

Twitter: @ATLLAEV

@magnus99k @rodimusprime The Maloofs getting squeezed out of the ownership picture contributed to that deal too. As it should have.

Twitter: @Trevor_Adams

@ZachLowe_NBA @MarkDeeksNBA As soon as the workout was over, Westphal and the Maloofs swarmed him, all smiles, talked to him forever.

Twitter: @Aykis16

I hate the Maloofs like crazy but really glad they took the risk on Boogie

Twitter: @TylerProbst10

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