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@SactoKingsFan Maloofs didn't sign Ramon sessions and keep JT around.

Twitter: @smerley77

@SactoKingsFan remember his overnight stay in Sac? Ran from embassy suites in middle of the night realizing how messed up Maloofs were

Twitter: @sgb916

@Aykis16 Said it a few times from the beginning when the Maloofs were trying to basically kill his passion. They could have killed the

Twitter: @HeuristicLineup

Ron burkle is fascinated friendly relations purchasing the kings exclusive of the maloofs mantling stellar: fZhMzkxi

Twitter: @GateDyson

Maloofs said they want to come back. Noah & Cuz share giggles. "@DeuceMason: Caption This:"

Twitter: @politicalpanda

@Legendary_Lope it was a matter of time once the maloofs left

Twitter: @ThatKidHummer

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